1. What is the photo set’s number? How do I know this?

How to know original number of the photoset (video)?
Where can I found the origin (OT,OO,OSS etc) and number of a set ?

Suppose you are in the free zone of the site.
Do you like Bryoni-Kate? Of course!
Here is her page:
http://www.0nlyte@se_com/Bryoni-Kate (link changed)

RIGHT-click on thumbnail and you can see a sets number.

For example: Set with description “Wonderful secretary BK in grey shift dress with black pantyhose”
Third thumb. Image location is http://cdn.0nlyte@se_com/images/v2/tour_images/tn8850-gy1u2ym303.jpg
So sets number is 8850! All easy!

Note: Look at first thumbnail of this set (its clickable). This redirect to http://www.0nlyte@se_com/v2/view_image.cfm?id=9516-anbri2

9516 is not a photoset number! This is a gallery ID.

In you request please write a set name!
Rather in this format: OT – Bryoni-Kate – 8850. Or OT – 2011-10-03 – Bryoni-Kate – 8850.