F.A.Q. – frequently asked questions

1. What is the photo set’s number? How do I know this?

How to know original number of the photoset (video)?
Where can I found the origin (OT,OO,OSS etc) and number of a set ?

Suppose you are in the free zone of the site.
Do you like Bryoni-Kate? Of course!
Here is her page:
https://[email protected]_com/Bryoni-Kate (link changed)

RIGHT-click on thumbnail and you can see a sets number.

For example: Set with description “Wonderful secretary BK in grey shift dress with black pantyhose”
Third thumb. Image location is https://[email protected]_com/images/v2/tour_images/tn8850-gy1u2ym303.jpg
So sets number is 8850! All easy!

Note: Look at first thumbnail of this set (its clickable). This redirect to https://[email protected]_com/v2/view_image.cfm?id=9516-anbri2

9516 is not a photoset number! This is a gallery ID.

In you request please write a set name!
Rather in this format: OT - Bryoni-Kate - 8850. Or OT - 2011-10-03 - Bryoni-Kate - 8850.

3. I want to request the sets of my favorite model. How to do this?

First of all, try to use a search. Maybe your sets are already uploaded and links are still alive.
If not, please write in your request:
1. Site
2. Model
3. Set’s (video’s) name or sets (video’s) number.
4. If you know date of publication - it will be useful.
5. Any other set’s info (number of photos, links, previews etc)

Than more your request, the more likely that it will be ignored or deleted. Trust me, you’re not alone here. And at the same time I’m not a robot.

Ask 2-3 sets in one request. It will be ok.

4. Why my comment was deleted?

1. It was a flood
2. It was a spam
3. It was a request and it was deleted after it was fulfilled.
4. Check your inbox - maybe you have incoming private message about this.

5. What is a password to the zip-file?

All my zip-files here have no any passwords. If your unzip program ask you any password - so your downloading most likely was interrupted. And your zip-file is corrupted. Try to download and unpack it again.

6. The link is dead!

Certainly, the files can not be stored permanently. So try to download them faster, after publishing. We can re-upload some files for you but we can’t re-upload them all and re-upload them many times over and over.

7. How to request about re-uploading?

1. Click on link of post which you need. Write the comment for this post (example: "Please re-upload").
2. Please don’t write comments like “all links dead. Re-upload plz”. Ask for re-upload concrete sets/videos.
3. Don’t ask for re-uploading more than 3-4 sets/videos for one time.

8. I see that requests from other users were already filled but my req was ignored!

1. Your request is still in queue.
2. You have requested too many sets for one time. Don’t forget about other users.
3. Your request doesn’t have the necessary information about set/video. And we can’t find it.
4. We don’t work with site you have requested. As you see here are presented mostly erotic sites of the Fine Art subjects.
5. Check your inbox - maybe you have incoming private message about this.